With more than 20 years of continuous innovation, MER MEC long-standing commitment to railway industry is based on innovative solutions for diagnostics, asset management and maintenance.

The success of railway companies is dependent on the condition, availability and reliability of their network assets. To gain a competitive advantage, they need to improve maintenance contribution, do more with less, increasing operating effectiveness and reducing costs impacting the bottom line. To do that, railways need a more integrated, disciplined and innovative approach to the maintenance process, the possibility to give their own people the ability to work to their full potential thanks to new measuring & diagnostic technologies and proven reliability practices.

MER MEC is able to specifically address these business challenges helping railways companies to deploy asset reliability as the strategy to achieve their in term of safety and efficiency goals.

Established as joint-stock company in 1988, MER MEC successful foundation comes from a rich legacy of technology and innovation that has allowed a fast evolution path from maintenance vehicles manufacturer to designer, builder, and integrator of diverse multi-service solutions for railways infrastructures diagnostic and maintenance management.

Actually, MER MEC is the only global supplier able to internally carry out design, development and manufacturing of all its leading portfolio of solutions spanning railway vehicles, hardware equipments and software applications.

MER MEC has designed, developed and deployed systems, vehicles and equipments operating nowadays in 15 countries worldwide.