Siemens Transportation Systems is the driving force behind new technologies to keep railway systems competitive. On the basis of our innovative strength and IT expertise we offer innovative and efficient products, systems and services for every aspect of rail technology.

Some products:

The Desiro Classic persuades by comfort and quality – the role model in regional traffic.

2-, 3-, 4- and 5-car electric multiple units Vmax 160 kph
2-car diesel multiple unit Vmax 120 kph

  • Consistent interior features
  • Transparency and brightness thanks to panorama windows
  • High ceiling, lots of space 
  • Anti-glare, indirect lighting integrated in the luggage racks
  • High-quality materials (wood, glass and stainless steel)
  • Hard-wearing, easy-to-clean surfaces
Comfortable traveling
  • Lots of space thanks to wide aisles
  • Unobstructed view outside from all seats (window spacing = seat spacing)
  • Pleasant atmosphere thanks to air-conditioned passenger compartments
  • Relaxing atmosphere thanks to low noise levels inside
  • High level of ride and suspension comfort
Comfortable furnishings
  • Multifunctional and special-purpose compartments 
  • Disabled-friendly equipment
  • State-of-the-art passenger information system
  • Service facilities
  • High low-floor percentage
Information systems
  • State-of-the-art passenger information system comprising interior and exterior displays and PA system with emergency call points
  • Clear and easy-to-understand announcements
  • Next-stop displays that can be read from all seats and standing places
  • Multi-section-train information displays (optional)
Low-floor entrance doorways
  • Convenient and safe boarding thanks to low-floor doorways
  • Door sill height of 575 mm, ideal for 380 mm to 550 mm platform heights
  • Wide doors and entrance vestibules for optimum flow of boarding and alighting passengers
  • Wide and low-floor vestibule from doorway to doorway